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"Together we can make a difference"

Fishing and boating for seniors

Volunteers are invaluable resources to Let's Go Fishing. Volunteers give their time and expertise to support the mission of LGF. The experience, talents and time that volunteers contribute can strengthen the program, increase the scope of the program, broaden the base of support and make more effective use of limited resources. Thanks to each and every volunteer working with the Let's Fishing of MN program!

If you are 24 years of age or older, you may volunteer and assist with Let's Go Fishing. Or, if you are part of the grand-kid program from 12 to 16 years of age, you may assist the adult volunteers of the program.

If you have the knowledge to operate a pontoon, you can be part of a two-person team who can take seniors on outings. There will always be a minimum of 2 adult volunteers on each pontoon - one to captain the watercraft, the other to assist.

If you have the heart and desire to help the seniors and would rather not be on the water, you can help by volunteering at fish-fry's, parades or other functions or fundraising events.

If time is something you don't have, or you are physically unable to volunteer, you can help by simply keeping the Let's Go Fishing program in your thoughts and prayers.

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